A Story About Me.

I’m an interdisciplinary designer living and working in Logan Utah who thrives on collaborative projects. I’m a first-generation college graduate whose education depended on scholarship patronage.

It’s no surprise that I find a deep sense of personal fulfillment in being able to passionately focus my creative problem-solving skills in service of higher education, and think of myself as a public servant; humbled to act as a brand ambassador for the land and space-grant university who opened the door to my own education.

I’m currently part of Utah State University’s Marketing & Communications (UMAC) team, but I got my start as a student worker with USU’s Public Relations & Marketing team. Somewhere in between, I worked with the great people at Pace Communications, creating editorial content for their client, Southwest Airlines. Check out my full history for the highlights.

Independently, I served as a Board member to the DSVC, and am known to accept the various freelance or pro-bono projects that catch my eye. I regularly volunteer with the Prostasia Foundation. I’m also a sustaining Member of AIGA, staying current in the design industry as a whole.

All things considered, my life and educational goals are simply put: Never stop playing and learning new things. I firmly believe that one’s curiosity and passion bleeds into every aspect of life, and I want to not only build a body of work throughout my career, but also acquire a body of knowledge and experiences.

You can find the projects and case studies I’m most proud in the featured section of my portfolio. If playful, free-form ideas are more your style, I break down proccess, stare into the abyss, and post quiet manifestos of the self in my notebook. I’ve also indexed and reviewed a referential bookshelf throughout my career.

Wherever this story about me takes you, thanks for being part of it.

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