Eggs In The City

Eggs in the City is a small breakfast-hours diner located in Salt Lake City UT. Notorious to locals for great food and strong community involvement, the refurbished gas station, “Eggs”, does little print advertising, instead, relying largely on word of mouth and reviews from local foodie publications. The Mom and Pop “American-Roadhouse Diner” inspired brand culture supports diversity, alternative lifestyles, and acceptance.

Direction One (Vintage Script Font): This visual solution communicated the brand as a more trendy, upscale urban establishment. The design itself draws inspiration from the American roadside diner signage – the quirky handwritten script font was envisioned to be painted onto the windows. The visual combination of the city skyline and the heat of the frying pan communicates the unique personality of the diner, combining both informal and formal concepts – vintage romanticism with urban modernism. 

Alternative Direction 1 (Contemporary “e” Concept):  This design solution worked to communicate the diner’s strong sense of belonging in its surrounding community. The diner is called “Eggs” by its loyal customers, so the word was highlighted as an acknowledgment. The visual combination of the snow-capped mountains and the broken eggshell build onto the “sense of place” concept, while the frying pan is a bit of endearing visual humor on daily life in the city. Ultimately this logo gives a modern city twist to the American roadside diner. 

Alternative Direction 2: (Counter Culture Focus): This direction worked to be a bit louder, communicating the unapologetic political presence and voice of the diner.  The tongue-in-cheek direction for this design began with telling a visual story about a breakfast-themed restaurant that acted as a nest. This space, portrayed as the warm and caring counter-culture mother hen (complete with gauges and ruffled feathers), was humorously contrasted with her eggs in the frying-pan-turned-nest. 

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What I Did

  • Brand Research
  • Brand Strategy
  • Logo Design