Southwest: The Magazine Print & Editorial Work

Publication Design

Print Production

Editorial Strategy

Every month, I worked on four print sections in the print magazine. Adventure in, Special Ad Sections, Advertiser Directory, and Marketplace. Three of these sections were tied to the Sales account. Each section had a different framework and needs that I Needed to be met.

For the Adventure in Section, which was the only editorial section of the four, photo research and fact checking was an important part of the production process. This required us to work with CVB’s, local photographers, and the businesses that we would like to feature to find useable photos that worked with our brand. I was also responsible for regularly following up on leads, documenting all conversations, following up with those who I worked with to thank them, and asking them to post the end result on social media channels.

For the advertorial and ad sections, I needed to work closely with the sales representatives to ensure that the clients’ needs were being met, and react accordingly to their feedback. These sections also had more checkpoints with the sales reps and clients before meeting the requirements to print.